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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Blogging Goals...

What have I done? I have tried for at least half a decade to avoid the inevitable commitment of blogging. I always felt strongly that blogging was for those ranting gossipers who had nothing better to do but talk people to death with trash and nonsense. Honestly, I still feel that there are too many out there who use blogging for this purpose. It even sounds nonsensical- the word "blogging". Admit it. This word is like a combination between blahhing & ugging. However, I have seen far too many solid, well-written blogs to believe this. Also, entirely for selfish reasons, I believe I need to blog so that I may improve & promote my works. So, I will state my goals right here and now.
First of all, this is a blog devoted to the beautiful world of writing, authors and reading. I may slip in some venting here and there, but I hope that my blog doesn't turn to trash and chaos. Nextly, (I like that word), I want to share something valuable and timeless with the world. I know that I may not be worthy of this goal, but I will strive to obtain this very thing as I gain wisdom, experience and (hopefully) expertise. I want to be forthcoming and forth right as well. I have a degree in Elementary Education, so I hope to teach myself & the world something useful. Finally, I want to have fun! What's the point if I'm not enjoying this whole ordeal?


  1. Blahhhing and ugging. Well said! Your blog is going to be fun to read. It sounds just like your voice! :)

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I am neither a witty writer nor a ranter, I just use blogging to journal my life as a mom in a format that my family and friends can share in. My favorite part is printing each year out into a gorgeous book! Anyway, excited to read your stuff! I will send you an invite to mine if interested.

  3. Thanks for your awesome comments gals! Jennifer- I'm honored that U R my first "commentator". & Heather- I will have to check out your blog & learn from your experience!