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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Sky Is the Limit...

Yesterday morning I had the sudden urge to be a flight attendant. I don't have any experience and my passport has been expired now for atleast 8 years, but it just made sense to go for it. So, I found a patriotic sounding airline, read the requirements and found that I have at least 95% of them in place. I'd have to go to a 3 or 4 week training without pay, but food and hotel accomodations are covered. I must admit, however, that applying to the position of flight attendant pretty much made my day.
In fact, I really should've applied sooner. I have always loved flying, especially the take off and landing. I usually clap upon each of them and get irritated when no one else in the cabin seems to feel the amazement and exhiliration of several tons of metal and people hurling through the great blue yonder.
I remember the first time we took our four children on an airplane flight to Los Angeles from Phoenix on a trip to Disneyland. My second daughter, age four and 1/2, she sat next to her Dad in a window seat with saucer like eyes as the engines revved and our speed increased. When we finally lifted off the ground, she exclaimed, "We're flying; we're flying!" Naturally, every sane person on the flight laughed in delight at her wonder.
So, here's my point. When it comes to anything, especially writing, be daring and exploratory. Pull yourself out of the mundane and go boldly where no one has gone before. Or, just take us there in a way that feels like we've never been there before. Don't be like the duds on the countless flights who take a nap or pretend to be interested in a Sky Mall Magazine during take off.
Feel the tarmat with the pilot. Check engine one and then check engine two. Fire up the jets, get in line and accelerate faster than you thought possible. And finally, just when you think the plane will fly into a million pieces of rubble, pull up and away.
Take note of how you feel when you and your audience realizes that it has happened...we are flying!

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